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ICC Pro Tristar Hydra Tester V2 - check your iPhone's or iPad's charging system

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ICC _ PRO Tristar Hydra Tester USB Controller IC And Charging Port Power Pystem And Main Power Cable

With this small tool you can check your iPhone's or iPad's charging system in a few seconds. The device will not only tell you if there is any problem, but will provide detailed information about what exactly went wrong.

Product Description:

Save time and money with ICC Pro!

ICC Pro will let you diagnose an iPhone or an iPad with the Tristar/Hydra USB Controller IC and determine the source of the problem in a matter of seconds.

The tool can test Lightning Flex, Tristar/Hydra IC, as well as VCC_MAIN main power line for problems.

ICC Pro will save you time and simplify the diagnostic process, allowing you to use your time efficiently.


Identify the point of failure. Quick and easy.

With the help of our ICC PRO you will save a lot of time and, as a consequence, money as well! It takes only a few seconds to run the tests, the tests can even be run right in front of the customer, enabling the technician to provide accurate diagnostic information and estimated repair price in a matter of seconds, be it a problem with a charging port, a chip or a short circuit on the main power line.

Instant Test

As soon as the device starts, it performs a quick USB-Controller IC test. Should the IC be badly damaged and have significant internal shorts, you will be immediately notified, and no further tests will be performed.

Dock Flex Test

This test checks the charging port flex cable for continuity. If any breaks in the lines are detected, you will be notified, and the names of the failed lines will also be provided to you. If the “Dock Flex Test” fails, no further tests will be performed.

IC Test

“IC Test” includes not only the test of 6 lines going straight to the USB-Controller IC, but also the PP5V0_USB, which goes directly (but not only) to Tigris. In case of any failure during this test, you will be notified accordingly, and the names of the lines that failed the test will be provided as well. In this case the next test will not be performed.

Additional Test/VCC_MAIN Test

The last “Additional Test” checks the integrity of the power/charging system and can identify a short circuit on the main power line. In case problems are detected, you will see the “Check VCC_MAIN” message on the screen.

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